Busheling Ferrous Scrap Prices Look to Soften in February

Written by Bradley Clark

The busheling scrap market is starting to take shape, though it is still early in the month. Initial sentiment suggests that the market for prime scrap may be down around $20 / gt.  With weakness in the export market as Turkish corruption problems, the weakening Lira and soft economy have prevented imports, additional material should be available for the domestic market.

The futures market continues to experience growing pains as no trades have been reported the past few weeks. Offers remain down the curve at $430 / gt, however, no buying interest has yet to materialize with sentiment softening. The weather will continue to be the wild card in the market for hopes of strengthening prices in February or March.

Again, there have been no reported trades this past week. 

Below is the BUS (#1 busheling scrap) forward curve in an interactive graph. You will need to be logged into the Steel Market Update website in order to access and manipulate the graph. If you need help getting into the website please contact our office: or by phone: 800-432-3475.

{amchart id=”74″ BUS Futures Forward Curve}

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