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Have the mills lost their pricing momentum on flat rolled? It sure looks that way, based on the latest Steel Market Update data.

About 38 percent of the OEM and service center executives responding to SMU’s market trends questionnaire this week report that the mills have lost their momentum and flat rolled prices are already moving lower. Nearly all the rest say the mills are struggling to maintain the price gains they saw when they raised prices back in July. Only 3 percent say the mills are in control and prices will continue to rise over the next 30 days.

Other SMU data corroborates that view. The vast majority of steel buyers say the mills are open to negotiating spot prices to secure orders, and lead times show signs of shortening, which suggests the mills are not as busy as they would wish. Adding to the downward pressure on steel prices is a $30-40 per ton decrease in the price of ferrous scrap this month as the mills anticipate weaker demand and shutdowns for fall maintenance.

“Lead times grew after the first two price announcements, but they’re now short again,” commented one respondent. “The lower cost scrap will not help steel pricing,” said another. “Hopefully the mills won’t break ranks,” added a third, though in terms of the last round of price increases, it appears the ranks are already broken.

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