Hot Rolled Futures Prices Pop after Weeks of Malaise…

Written by Bradley Clark

The HRC futures market has continued its upward trend in the past few weeks with recent bullish events in the physical market supporting prices.  While nearby periods remain firm with August and September trading around $650-660, further down the curve cal 15 prices have trended upwards trading up to $643.  Similarly, Q1 and cal 15 prices have seen upward pressure trading between $635-645, with the bid moving up $5 / ton from last week.

Further news from the physical market of yet further consolidation with Severstal being sold to domestic mills has continued to support prices.  So far, the summer lull has not materialized and with U.S. GDP at 4 percent growth the demand side looks to help prices extend further.  Increasing tensions in the Black Sea continues to limit new imports on HRC from Russia, the fundamentals look to support the market through the end of the year.

Volumes have slowed a bit this week with about 10,000 tons trading over the past few days.

Below is our interactive graph depicting the hot rolled futures market. The graph can only been seen and interacted with when you are logged into the website and reading this article online (otherwise it just appears to be an empty space on your screen).

{amchart id=”73″ HRC Futures Forward Curve}

U.S. Midwest #1 Busheling Ferrous Scrap (AMM) Market Firming

The scrap market remains flat for the time being, but sentiment is slightly more bullish compared to last week. With increasing finished product prices, and strengthening raw material markets across Asia and Turkey, market sentiment moving into August is becoming more positive.  The futures market has remained quiet with nothing trading however the market remains well bid down the curve between $390-400.

Another one of those pesky interactive graphs below – this time depicting ferrous scrap futures.

{amchart id=”74″ BUS Futures Forward Curve}

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