Pig Iron Excluded from Ukraine’s Export Ban

Written by Laura Miller

Ukraine has implemented an export ban on energy-related materials, but pig iron has been excluded from that ban.

As of June 10, natural gas exports are prohibited by Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers, as are exports of anthracite coal including briquettes, pellets, and similar solid fuels derived from coal. Coking coal, however, has been excluded from the list, as has pig iron, Stanislav Zinchenko, CEO of the Kyiv-based GMK Center told SMU. A ban on pig iron exports is not expected, as it provides great export opportunities for domestic iron and steel companies and is currently not in short supply.

Ukraine was a major exporter of pig iron before Russia’s invasion of the nation in February. With the country war torn and access to its Black Sea ports blocked by Russia, exports have slowed or stopped completely.

With Russian military aggression continuing, Ukraine is currently operating under martial law. Last month, the country banned exports of sugar, millet, and other agricultural products.

By Laura Miller,


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