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Brazilian pig iron prices rise as US buyers face limited supply options 

Written by Stephen Miller

Prices for pig iron in Brazil have increased despite efforts by U.S.-based buyers to lower them.  It has been confirmed that a U.S. buyer has purchased a 55,000 MT cargo, presumably for May shipment, at $430/MT FOB South Brazil.  The Brazilian producers resisted offers at $420/MT and this resulted in the acceptance of their asking price of $430.  According to industry sources, the freight to the U.S. was pegged at $27/MT for a CFR price of $457/MT. This cargo of pig iron has a Phos. level of .15% max.   

Shortly after this occurred, another cargo changed hands at $445/MT FOB, resulting in a delivered price of $467/MT. This cargo has a lower Phos. content of .10% max as opposed to .15% max, and it originates from North Brazil.  However, other U.S. buyers claim they are now being offered pig iron with .15% Phos. max at $445/MT CFR U.S. ports.     

The next availability from Brazil is now reportedly for June shipment.  It is unclear at this point if Ukraine will continue to ship pig iron to the U.S. Producers in that region have cited increased logistical costs due to the conflict there. They are considering using their iron production to convert into billets, which may be more profitable. If this happens, Brazil will become the only supplier to the U.S., unless pig iron prices are raised significantly.   

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