Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan extend ferrous scrap export bans

The government of Kazakhstan intends to prolong prohibition of foreign shipments of steel scrap and waste in order to support the domestic economy.

“The decision was made collectively against the backdrop of the situation that has arisen due to the lack of raw materials for local processing enterprises and the restrictive measures on the export of scrap metal imposed by neighbouring countries,” the government’s press service said.

Earlier this week Kyrgyzstan’s cabinet extended the country’s ban on exports of ferrous scrap, including ferrous metal ingots for re-smelting, for a further six months, Interfax news agency reported. The measure, first brought in last August, was due to expire this month.

Kazakhstan’s government did not specify how long its steel scrap ban would last, Interfax noted. However, the government said rail shipments of ferrous scrap and waste via the Zhaisan checkpoint in Aktobe region, Aksu (Kostanay) and Auyl (Abai) would be banned.

current six-month prohibition on ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal exports took effect from November 7th.

According to the country’s industry and trade ministry, only 1.9 Mt of the 3.9 Mt of ferrous scrap required was collected in Kazakhstan last year and scrap processors operate at 35% of capacity.

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