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Interpipe stops producing amid scrap shortages

Ukrainian steel pipe maker Interpipe has suspended operations because of a lack of scrap brought about by Russia’s invasion and what it describes as record exports levels. 

Obtaining enough of the raw material for its electric arc furnace (EAF) has become difficult, according to Andriy Bibik, director of the plant in Dnipro. “In a number of regions, the procurement process has been reduced to almost zero due to hostilities, scrap processing capacities have been lost and the industry’s personnel potential has also decreased,” he was quoted as saying in local media. 

“Secondly, scrap exports are breaking historical records, increasing twice a month which puts the Ukrainian metallurgical industry on the brink of disaster.” Exports reportedly increased 3½ times to 24,800 t in January and February. 

During the enforced downtime, Interpipe will carry out maintenance on the main units, Bibik said. The mini-mill has the capacity to produce 1.32 Mt/y of round steel billets. 

The shutdown, which began on 16 March, will last up to eight days, said Valentyn Makarenko, chairman of the Interpipe group’s scrap processing company, Vtormet. 

“The situation is difficult, but we are working with our partner suppliers of scrap. With some of them we have concluded long-term and strategic agreements. This will allow us to provide the plant with raw materials and prepare the charge,” he added. 

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